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Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Episode 6 – Review

Recap: Given the advantages of the strategic position of the area, Nobuna decides to build a castle in Sunomata. When several of Nobuna’s retainers fail to erect a castle, Sagara heads out with the goal of building the castle in one night. Nobuna distracts the Yoshitatsu by moving her army in a different direction, but is ambushed when she walks into one of his traps. Sagara successfully gets the castle built, but barely holds his ground before Nobuna arrives with reinforcements.

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Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Episode 5 – Review

Recap: After Nobuna loses several battles in Mino, Dousan suggests it’s the work of Takanaba Hanbei, a well-known strategist. Sagara goes out to Mino to convince Hanbei to join Nobuna and her conquest. When Saito Yoshitatsu becomes aggravated with the way his troops have been acting, he shows that he’s willing to do anything to prove that he has surpassed his father.

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Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Episode 4 – Review

Recap: With Owari under attack, Nobuna locks herself in her room instead of tending to the problem at hand. Refusing to let Nobuna’s ambition die, Sagara heads to Okehazama to plan a sneak attack on the Imagawa’s main base. When Sagara comes back to reassure Nobuna, she gathers enough strength to leads her troops into victory.

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Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Episode 3 – Review

Recap: Nobuna get’s an unexpected proposal from Nagamasa, which would help keep Dousan alive. After refusing such a request, Sagara throws himself into the battlefield to save Dousan himself.

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Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Episode 1 & 2 – Review

Before I start discussing these series at all, I want to say that I’ve always been one to avoid any type of historical anime or games. I’ve always thought that they are extremely boring and just for people who are really keen about history. Well after watching these two episodes, I’d like to say take that statement back. I feel bad because I’ve skipped out on so many series that could have ended up on my “favorites” list. When I find some free time, I’m probably going to end up taking a look at some series that I’ve missed. The hard part is knowing where to start. If anyone has any suggestions, then let me know!

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