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Kokoro Connect – Episode 7 – Review

Recap: With Yui absent from school for so long, the group decides to go visit her. They find out that ever since Yui fought the group of boys, a chain of desires has put her into a small state of depression. Yui thinks that it’s best for her to stay away from everybody until the situation subsides. When Inaba acts too harshly towards Yui, she starts separating herself from everyone else as well.

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Kokoro Connect – Episode 6 – Review

Recap: After three weeks of without swapping bodies, the group goes back to their normal high school life. Things start getting strange when they acting subconsciously. When Taichi, Iori, and Inaba find out that Yui and Aoki were arrested, they realize that something’s wrong. Heartseed appears before them once again and tells them that rather than swapping bodies, their deepest desires are being release instead. Taichi, Iori, and Aoki are determined to get through this, but it seems like Inaba’s having a hard time.

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Kokoro Connect – Episode 5 – Review

Recap: Taichi is unable to recognize Iori when she pretends to be Inaba. Iori becomes upset and runs away with Taichi chasing after her. When Taichi catches up to Iori, they’re able to straighten things out, but they’re quickly interrupted by Heartseed. Heartseed determines that the group is too boring and uses Iori’s body to jump off a bridge. With not much time left, it’s up to the rest of the group to decide whose personality should die with with Iori’s body.

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Kokoro Connect – Episode 4 – Review

Recap: With Himeko sick, Iori and Taichi decide to do their best to look after her. With a little push from Himeko, Iori expresses her concerns to Taichi. The next day, Taichi helps Himeko’s problem when it starts overwhelming her.

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Kokoro Connect – Episode 3 – Review

Recap: Himeko and Taichi get into a heated argument about the potential damage of the body swapping. After discovering a fear that has plagued Yui since middle school, Taichi decides to help her overcome it.

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Kokoro Connect – Episode 1 & 2 – Review

Recap: An ordinary group of high school kids ends up swapping bodies at random at the whim of an entity named Heartseed. While concerned about the intentions of Heartseed, the group decides to try to keep going about their daily lives even when swapped each other.

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