Suki Dakara

A blog that opened on 23 November 2010.  It depicts the life on an anime/game/manga lover that lives in Michigan.  Everything related to my interests in anime, manga, and everything related to them.  I may also talk about my daily life and thoughts as it relates to anime and games.  I will take and show pictures of my all my anime-related purchases.  I will probably include some pictures of the layout of my room, because I really like redesigning my room.

About Me

ScarletFlash19 (Me) is the online name of an ordinary guy living in Michigan.  His major hobby is anything involving anime, manga, and games: collecting anime goods, reading manga, watching anime, and keeping updated in otaku news.  He is freshman at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).  He is involved in many extracurricular activities—robotics, alternative energy clubs, and community service—but once he gets home, he usually relaxes in his room doing homework, while watching anime or listening to anime-related music.  On his days off, he usually surfs the web reading news about his hobbies.  While he is not very active in the otaku community, he does hope that he will be able to visit Japan or attend some conventions around the United States.   While he is going to be majoring in computer science/engineering, he would love to teach in Japan if given the opportunity.  With this blog, he can share his feelings and experiences with the rest of the world!

About the Site Name

“Suki Dakara” literally means “Because I Love You” in Japanese.  It really took me a long time to come up with a name for the Web site because I wouldn’t be able to change it once it was set.  I was also refrained from choosing a nonsensical word or phrase, because I wanted it to sound at least a bit professional.  Finally, after a few days of pondering, I chose euphonic phrase Suki Dakara because it represents my feelings about my hobbies.

Why start?

I’ve been following a bunch of  blog sites and reading their entries inspired me to make my own.  As much as I hate writing essays and paragraphs for class, I like the feeling of writing for myself as well as the feeling of using correct grammar.  So if you see any grammatical errors, then please correct me.  I hate having a grammatical error in my writing for the world to see.

Contact Information

To contact me,  just email me at scarletflash19@gmail.com.  You can email with comments or suggestions.  I really want this blog to be successful, and there are things that I won’t be able to do by myself so help is greatly appreciated.


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