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Chibi Cuteness

I find chibi characters to be absolutely cute and adorable.  I’d pick a nendoroid over an accurate figure any day. Does anybody else share my love for chibi characters or is there something else you obsess over? Let me know in the comments! In the meantime, I’m posting a bunch of chibi wallpaper for you guys.

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Photo of the Day (07.11.12)


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A Long Awaited Package!

It seemed like forever, but I finally received my Newtype Magazine!  I was taking a break from homework and I went to go check the mail.  So I opened the door and the package was set right in front of the door.  I picked up the package and ran to my room to take pictures.  Unfortunately, I had to go back outside in the cold to get my mail.

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Happy Birthday, Yui!!

27 November is Yui Hirasawa’s birthday!  In celebration, here is a wallpaper gallery solely dedicated to the K-On! member.

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K-On!! Live Event: Come With Me!!

The Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) announced a K-On!!s live concert event on its website.  The event, “Come with Me!!,” is scheduled for Sunday, 20 February 2011 in the Saitama Super Arena.  To the excitement of many fans, the production of a second season, “K-On!!, was announced at the last live event.  Would even bigger news be awaiting fans at this next event?

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