Sword Art Online – Episode 7 – Review

Recap: Kirito meets Lisbeth, a blacksmith that is a close friend of Asuna. While trying to test out her best sword, Kirito accidentally breaks the sword. He requests for her to forge a stronger one and he accompanies her in the quest to find the required ore. When things don’t go as planned, they end up trapped and unable to teleport. During the quest, Lisbeth starts developing feelings for Kirito, but she becomes heartbroken when she finds out that Asuna has a crush on Kirito.

This episode was pretty cute, but heartbreaking at the same time. Lisbeth seems like a really nice, cute girl. We find out that she hasn’t found anybody special to her. She even doubts that she’ll find anybody because everything in SAO doesn’t seem real. After spending time with Kirito, she finally finds something real to hold on to. I just feel so bad for Lisbeth. Damn it, Kirito! Why do you have to go breaking other people’s hearts?!

Anyways, this was yet another side story from the light novel. With each side story we go through, the more we’re missing out on seeing any progress with the front lines. The only think we can determine is that Asuna’s been spending a lot more time with Kirito. We’re not seeing any progress with the front lines, we’re not seeing any boss battles with Kirito, and we’re not seeing any progress with Kirito and Asuna. It’s frustrating that we’re missing so much just to cover some side stories. This series should definitely be longer so that we can cover everything more in depth. It shouldn’t be like 300+ episodes like Bleach or Naruto, but it definitely deserves more than what we’re giving it now.

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