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Moekana Cards

Recently I bought a pack of Moekana cards. They’re supposed to help people learn hiragana in a fun and interesting way.  There are many games designed around them and the images on the cards look down right adorable.  Once I actually get them, I’ll probably write a review about them. You can check them out at here at Japan Culture.


If you’d like to have a fun way to learn hiragana or think that the cards themselves are just too cute, then you can pick them out at any of the following stores:



Some December Loot

I received this package a few days ago, but I haven’t had enough time to take pictures and make a post.  Since I’m officially on holiday break, however, I have all the time in the world!  Now let’s take a look at what I got.

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More Purchases

I decided to take advantage of some of Hobby Link Japan’s holiday offers and bought a couple of goodies.

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HLJ Winter Sales

While I’m still waiting for my Newtype magazine to arrive, I’m thinking about making a few new purchases since it’s pretty close to Christmas.  To my surprise, Hobby Link Japan is spreading happiness throughout  the world by having a winter sale.

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Money Management

I mentioned in an earlier post that buying manga online would be cheaper than buying it from a bookstore, but what other options are there to save more money?

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First Purchases

I’m so excited!  I recently ordered my first anime-related purchases online.

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