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Campione! – Episode 7 – Review

Recap: Erica gets herself into some trouble when facing off Liliana; however, when Erica brings up an embarrassing part of Liliana’s personal life, Liliana decides to side with Godou. When Godou confronts Voban once again, he quickly defeats Voban’s wolf form. Amused by Godou’s powers, Voban reveals several powers that put Godou at a disadvantage. With the help of Erica, Mariya, and Liliana, Godou gathers enough power to defeat Voban. As the sun rises, Voban admits defeat but swears that he will return to defeat Godou.

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Campione! – Episode 6 – Review

Recap: Godou and Erica find out that Voban has taken Mariya captive and head to Voban’s base of operations. They fight their way through the building and manage to get to Voban. Interested in Godou’s abilities and figuring that he’s too strong, Voban decides to play a game of cat and mouse and use his servants to carry out his bidding. When Godou tries to attack Voban, Voban transforms into a wolf and seems to be immune to Godou’s attacks. Godou sees that it’s pointless to fight Voban without any strategy and decides to make a retreat.

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Campione! – Episode 5 – Review

Recap: Mariya starts to realize her interest in Godou and she starts spending more time with him. When Erica realizes her feelings, she challenges Mariya to a match, which ends painfully for Godou. Everything stays quiet and peaceful until Mariya gets into trouble when Liliana gets involved.

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Campione! – Episode 4 – Review

Recap: Athena gets her hands on the Gorgoneion and assumes her true form. Using the Golden Sword, Godou gets an advantage over Athena. When he expends the sword’s powers, however, he seems to be no match for Athena’s strength. With some help from Erica, Godou manages to defeat Athena and strip her of the Gorgoneion’s powers.

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Campione! – Episode 3 – Review

Recap: Amakasu tells Mariya that a deadly item has been brought to Japan. When Mariya investigates by asking Godou, Godou finds out that the medal that Erica gave him is called the Gorgoneion, a tool that will allow the god Athena to transform into her true form. Agreeing that such an event should not occur, Godou, Erica, and Mariya try to stop Athena’s pursuit of the Gorgoneion.

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Campione! – Episode 1 & 2 – Review

Recap: While on a trip to return a stone tablet for his grandfather, Godou Kusanagi meets Erica Blandelli, swordsman from a magician organization. He learns more about the tablet and what it means to be in possession of it. Using the power within the tablet, Godou manages to defeat the god Verethragna and obtains his abilities. When he returns to Japan, Erica follows him and enrolls in his school. Godou meets Yuri Mariya and learns more about Erica. After confronting Erica about her motives, Erica puts his skills to the test.

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