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Sword Art Online – Episode 7 – Review

Recap: Kirito meets Lisbeth, a blacksmith that is a close friend of Asuna. While trying to test out her best sword, Kirito accidentally breaks the sword. He requests for her to forge a stronger one and he accompanies her in the quest to find the required ore. When things don’t go as planned, they end up trapped and unable to teleport. During the quest, Lisbeth starts developing feelings for Kirito, but she becomes heartbroken when she finds out that Asuna has a crush on Kirito.

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Sword Art Online – Episode 6 – Review

Recap: With Kains and Yoruko dead, Kirito and Asuna try to find culprit. When Kirito reasons that it’s impossible for someone to have committed these murders within a safe area, he figures out that Yoruko and Kains have faked their deaths. Yoruko and Kains have planned everything just to get Schmitt to confess to his crime. Their plan backfires when a PK group appears to kill all of them.  Kirito manages to save them and they find out that Grimlock has played a larger part in the events surrounding the former guild.

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