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Sword Art Online – Episode 6 – Review

Recap: With Kains and Yoruko dead, Kirito and Asuna try to find culprit. When Kirito reasons that it’s impossible for someone to have committed these murders within a safe area, he figures out that Yoruko and Kains have faked their deaths. Yoruko and Kains have planned everything just to get Schmitt to confess to his crime. Their plan backfires when a PK group appears to kill all of them.  Kirito manages to save them and they find out that Grimlock has played a larger part in the events surrounding the former guild.

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Fit For An Otaku

A few posts ago, I talked about a new computer that I built. I’ve been looking to get a desktop computer for watching anime and playing game because I’ve only owned laptops. It was my first time building a computer so I was a bit nervous, but everything worked out and I have yet to see any problems.

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