Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! – Episode 5 – Review

Recap: Shougo starts receiving more calls from his sister. Shougo and Mizutani figure that his sister’s using the same model of phone as Konoe. Sleep deprived by all of his sister’s early-morning calls, Shougo starts taking naps during school. Sagara notices his fatigue and offers to share her special nap room in exchange for him visiting her café. After visiting the café, Shougo finds out more about Sagara’s past. When Shougo learns that Sagara has the same phone as Konoe, he thinks that he’s found his little sister.

After figuring out that neither Konoe nor Kannagi are his little sister, Shougo could just settle down with one of them instead of having to go through all this mess. Besides Mizutani, Konoe and Kannagi are the only ones who actually visit Shougo’s house. Their history with Shougo make both pretty much perfect matches for him. I am, however, getting some yandere vibes from Konoe.

We get to meet Araya, the head of the newspaper club, and we find out that she’s a bit crazy. It’s a very short-lived introduction as she only gets one-minute scene. It seems like Araya isn’t an important character and we’re just introducing the newspaper club to set up for the next episode. Something that’s true for any series is that it’s pretty sad seeing such interesting characters and not being able to learn more about them. We’ll probably see Araya more in the next episode, but I’m not sure how big of a role she’ll play.

We’ve shifted our attention from Konoe and Kannagi to Sagara. Aside from having the phone that allows her to change her voice, she’s the most suspicious because we hardly hear from her and she hardly gets any screen time aside from this episode. Another thing is that she could be the one calling him so early in the morning so that she have an excuse to spend time with him napping in her secret room. While everything seems to point to Sagara now, we’ve been led down this same path before into thinking that Kannagi is Shougo’s sister. We also haven’t even seen or heard from Rinka and Mana either so it’s unlikely that we’ll be finding Shougo’s sister this early in the series.

Next Time! Cat-eared Maid Little Sisters



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