Kokoro Connect – Episode 7 – Review

Recap: With Yui absent from school for so long, the group decides to go visit her. They find out that ever since Yui fought the group of boys, a chain of desires has put her into a small state of depression. Yui thinks that it’s best for her to stay away from everybody until the situation subsides. When Inaba acts too harshly towards Yui, she starts separating herself from everyone else as well.

We see that many of the desires of the group are pretty much harmless. I’m almost sure that Iori would have made a fool of herself during the quiz whether or not her desires were unleashed.

We also find out that their desires are only unleashed for a short period. As long they’re unable to act on their desires immediately, they should be fine. The problem is when desires arise in the spur of the moment just like with Yui and Aoki in the previous episode. Because they think that they need to avoid those types of situations, we’re at a point where they’re slowly starting to drift apart. Everyone is trying to isolate themselves from each other. Judging on the preview for the next episode, it seems like Taichi and Aoki are going to drift apart when they start fighting. I’m not sure who’s going to fix everything this time around. I’m sure that Taichi’s desire to help everyone would make him try to bring the group back together, but it seems that when his desires are unleashed, he starts acting in a cold, harsh manner instead of warm and sincere.

Inaba’s going to have a hard time during this situation. Inaba really regrets being so harsh on Yui and now she’s stopping herself from stepping into other people’s business. I’m sure she really hates herself now and wants to just isolate herself from everyone else. If things get too out of hand, then her desires might actually make her do something drastic. I just hope the ending scene where the train passes Inaba doesn’t foreshadow anything.

Next Time! And Then There Were None



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