Campione! – Episode 7 – Review

Recap: Erica gets herself into some trouble when facing off Liliana; however, when Erica brings up an embarrassing part of Liliana’s personal life, Liliana decides to side with Godou. When Godou confronts Voban once again, he quickly defeats Voban’s wolf form. Amused by Godou’s powers, Voban reveals several powers that put Godou at a disadvantage. With the help of Erica, Mariya, and Liliana, Godou gathers enough power to defeat Voban. As the sun rises, Voban admits defeat but swears that he will return to defeat Godou.

Really, Liliana? That’s pretty much the weakest excuse for joining up with Godou. It hardly helps her fit into his harem. I guess it’s okay since we find out about Liliana’s cute little secret

We also get a double dosage of lectures about mythical gods. In the last episode, we weren’t given much information about the gods so we were just left with a little demonstration of their powers. This time, Godou explains that Apollo gives Voban his wolf form and Osiris give him the ability to command the dead. Surprisingly, it seems like Mariya was the most help out of the three girls. Mariya’s sixth sense lets her give Godou all the information he needs. We also see that Mariya has gained some courage as we see a pretty hot and heavy kissing scene between her and Godou.

With the ability to cut through a god’s authority, I know that the golden sword is probably the most useful weapon in Godou’s arsenal, but he’s relying on it too much. I’d like to see Godou use his other powers as well just like at the end of this episode. With Voban keeping up the pressure with the power of the weather deities, I’m pretty sure that Godou wouldn’t be able to have another make-out session to get all the information he needs so he uses the goat avatar instead. I’m sure that each of Godou’s skills are very useful and powerful; Godou just needs to use them more and they need to be conveyed in an exciting manner just like the goat avatar.

Voban’s powers give him a very large range of useful skills. He’s one of the oldest Campione so it makes sense that he would have the opportunity to take the powers of some of the most powerful gods. I’m sure that he has more powers that he’s going to use the next time he faces Godou. If anything, I’m sure it means that we’re going to get another great fight like we do in this episode.

However, we’re going to have to put that fight on hold because we have to have the obligatory hot spring/beach episode. At least we’ll have three out of the four girls in Godou’s harem. We’ll also get to find out more about Liliana and how she’ll respond to Godou. Get ready for an episode filled with ero-cuteness.

Next Time! A Hero Arrives



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