Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! – Episode 4 – Review

Recap: After suspecting Kannagi of being his sister, Shougo’s relationship with her starts to dwindle. Konoe then runs away after finding herself in a position where she can’t see a way out. When Shougo finds her, we find out about the secret that she has been keeping from him. Shougo, Kannagi, and Konoe straighten things out and everything seems to go back to normal.

The episode gets off to awkward start as Kannagi starts avoiding Shougo because of what happened in the last episode. I still think it’s Shougo’s fault for being so careless. Anyways, Konoe starts to feel guilty about lying to Shougo all this time and just wants to run away from everything. We get the typical, dramatic scene where the main character frantically searches all over the place. When Shougo finds her, we find out that all those calls were actually from Konoe. This means that Konoe is Shougo’s sister, right? Nope! Konoe was just pretending to be a character from the show Grand Bellion to try to get Shougo to remember her.

I swear, this series has the biggest coincidences ever – just like the first episode, Shougo saved Konoe from a being hit by a car when they were younger. It doesn’t stop there either. After the accident, Kannagi’s father happened to visit the same hospital where Shougo stayed, which is how he met Kannagi. That means we have TWO childhood friends! I guess you could call it fate.

I really like these twists in character development and plot. Instead of giving Konoe the advantage of being childhood friends with Shougo, Kannagi evens the playing field by reveals that she and Shougo were childhood friends as well. It makes this series stand out a bit more because it seems that there’s a lot more to these characters that we don’t know yet.

So we get everything sorted out that neither Konoe nor Kannagi are Shougo’s sister. This doesn’t mean that the rest of this series lacks a plot. When Shougo asks about the day of his father’s funeral, both of them say that they weren’t there. They have no reason to lie so that means that there’s still someone out there that might be Shougo’s sister. It was Konoe that called Shougo, so that means Shougo’s sister has yet to contact him in a matter that would represent his sister. I wonder how she’ll contact him or what kind of hints we’ll get for trying to identify her. While it could be a girl that we haven’t met yet, but it’s most likely one of the girls that Shougo already knows. Whatever the case, it means that Shougo will have to try harder to find his sister as well as trying even harder to resister Konoe and Kannagi’s advances.



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