Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! – Episode 3 – Review

Recap: When Konoe and Kannagi question Shougo’s interest in women, they attempt to show him the appeal of women. They go too far and Shougo barely maintains his composure. Things start calm down, but the situation becomes tense when Shougo thinks that he’s found his sister.

It’s pretty much Mizutani’s fault for making Konoe and Kannagi think that Shougo was interesting in men. At first I thought that Mizutani was more of an older sister type and that she would end up hanging around Shougo’s home more because it means that she can relax, stop acting like a guy, and be more open with Shougo. After seeing how clueless she was about making babies, we can see that she’s actually more of a tomboy. Either way, she’s still pretty cute.

While Konoe and Kannagi’s intentions seem innocent, they’re obviously trying really hard to seduce him. Even going through the trouble of feeding him stamina-boosting food and sleeping in the same bed as him. Don’t we all have that trouble of girls randomly coming over, pretend to be your sisters, and sleeping topless in the same bed as you? No? Well, that’s because it doesn’t happen. A guy can dream though.

Anyways, Konoe and Kannagi start acting like Shougo’s little sisters, which troubles him more because he’s trying to single out his sister, not add more sister into the situation. They start doing this because they find the little sister’s café poster that Mei gave to Shougo in the last episode. Shougo sets himself up for lot of misunderstandings in this episode, but that’s what makes things funny.

After finding the Gran Belion goods in Kannagi’s bathroom, he suspects that she is his sister. I thought that he wouldn’t say anything and would just start observing her to confirm his suspicions, but he goes and confronts her immediately. Shougo asks Kannagi probably the most poorly worded question that he could possibly ask. Even if Kannagi wasn’t his sister, she would obviously say that she would marry him because she liked him. When Kannagi says that she wants to marry him, Shougo rejects her right away without confirming if she’s his sister or not. Next episode, we’ll find out if she’s indeed his sister or if it’s just a big misunderstanding.



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