Campione! – Episode 4 – Review

Recap: Athena gets her hands on the Gorgoneion and assumes her true form. Using the Golden Sword, Godou gets an advantage over Athena. When he expends the sword’s powers, however, he seems to be no match for Athena’s strength. With some help from Erica, Godou manages to defeat Athena and strip her of the Gorgoneion’s powers.

Athena has acquired her true form and starts to envelope the world in darkness so it’s up to Godou to stop her. As Godou and Erica make their way to Athena, Godou tells Mariya to think about him and call out for him if she’s in trouble. Doing this apparently allows him to use one of his powers to appear by her side or something like that. When Mariya calls for Godou, he does appear by her side, but I’m not sure whether he just got there in time or his powers actually worked.

Unlike the first episode, the fight scene in this episode didn’t disappoint me at all. We get to see the extent of the Golden Sword’s power. Not only that, but we also get to see how much cooler Godou becomes with the sword. The sword gives power to Godou’s words. Basically, Godou is becomes so bodacious that he uses history lessons to defeat his opponents.

Anyways, I don’t think that we’ve seen the last of Athena, but I’m sure that the next time we see her, she won’t be looking for a fight. We also see Liliana again in this episode. We don’t exactly know what’s her goal or purpose, but I assume that we’ll find that out pretty soon.

In the last episode, it’s said that Princess Alice’s prophecies were never wrong. It seems as though something might be amiss as Amakasu voices his concern in his report. This might be foreshadowing something, but I doubt we’ll get to it anytime soon. Judging by the preview, it seems like we’re going to be taking a break from fighting and focus on Godou’s harem.



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