Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! – Episode 1 & 2 – Review

Recap: As the next successor of the Mikadono Group, Shougo Mikadono has to find a girl to marry. Luckily, when he transfers schools, he seems to be quite popular and attracts the attention of several girls right away. Shougo becomes troubled when he learns that he has a sister and may be one of the girls that has gotten close to him. After attending a dance party, Shougo finds out that his sister is closer to him than he thought and worries about who it might be.

This is pretty much moe heaven as we have almost every personality we’ve ever seen in an anime. Basically, Shougo just has to find someone to marry among a bunch of girls without picking his sister. This is definitely a plot of a romantic comedy/harem. Adding Shougo’s sister into the mix, however, does more than just add to the comedy. This actually gives Shougo a reason not to pick a girl right away. Most harem anime have a protagonist with a personality that doesn’t want to choose or is too embarrassed to make a move. In this case, Shougo is pretty much the same, but he’s somewhat more of a Prince Charming so he could easy make a move on any girl he wanted. Also, his situation would probably pressure him more to make a move so that he can succeed his father; however, he’s prevented from making any quick decisions because he needs to be careful not to pick his sister.

In these two episodes we get to see some of the most cliché encounters and situations ever. Let’s list some of them off, shall we? Shougo meets Konoe after she almost gets hit by a truck, Shougo finds out that Mizutani Ikusu is actually a girl by accidentally walking in while she was taking a shower, Kannagi loses her top and clings to Shougo to prevent him from peeking, and Shougo accidentally gets a feel of Rinka’s “pillows” after he falls on top of her. Nothing that we haven’t seen before, but then again we can say the same thing about this series.

I can’t say if Shougo even saved Konoe or not. When he saw the truck heading for Konoe, he started running towards her, but when the truck passes, we see him cross the street to check up on her. I’m going to say that he just called out to her, which allowed her to get out of the way in time. It would have been nice to see him push her to safety, but I can’t complain.

All the calls that Shougo receives from his sister is actually more creepy than anything else. We find out that Shougo and his sister have spent time together when they were younger, but Shougo doesn’t remember any of it because of a head injury that took some of his memory. At least he got a Harry Potter scar in return!

What surprised me the most in the second episode is that the student council is able to organize such an elegant dance party; everyone was dressed up so nicely. Everyone was actually dancing too – something I would never expect from a high school dance. Any high school dance I know of would just be full of teenagers bumping and grinding.

After the second episode, I think we’ve basically met all the major characters so let’s see the range in personality we get in this anime.
Konoe Tsuruma – From what I can tell, she pretty innocent and a bit of a romantic. She also has that childhood friend type of presence especially when she was understanding when she saw Shougo with Kannagi during the dance party
Miyabi Kannagi – Typical tsundere as far as I can tell
Rinka Kunitachi – From what we’ve seen in the second episode she seems like a strict yet kind-hearted girl who always welcomes a challenge
Mana Tendou – She’s one of those childish airheads that happen to be wildly attractive
Mei Sagara – So far she’s just a cosplaying oddball
Mizutani Ikusu – A strong-headed, mature woman. She seems like the older sister type

The most likely candidate for Shougo’s sister would be Kannagi as she’s the one who resembles him the most. We’re thrown off a bit because the cape attire in the first episode resembles Mei the most, but in all the flashbacks, the hair matches Kannagi the most rather than Mei. We’re thrown off even more when we see that Shougo’s sister has the same model as Konoe. Shougo even said that he hasn’t seen that model before so it must be pretty unique. At the end of the second episode, we go back to suspecting Kannagi when we see the character from Shougo’s favorite show when he was a kid. Mostly everything points to Kannagi, but all the evidence so far could just be deceiving us. I know it would be the most obvious choice, but it somewhat disappoints me having another Kirino Kousaka with Kannagi being a tsundere and all.

I’m not going to lie, for what it is, I actually like this series.  Despite everything being a bit cliché, it’s pretty funny and interesting to watch. I’ve always been a fan of romantic comedies and harem, but as long as that’s the point of the plot. Adding an extra genre with a deep plot would only be trouble.



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