Fun-Filled Film Friday 3: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st

It’s Friday again!  Not only is today Fun-Filled Film Friday, but today is also Christmas Eve!  As much as I wanted to find a Christmas-related movie, I just couldn’t find one in time.  Instead, I decided to watch “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st,” a 2010 movie adaption of the anime series.

First of all, I haven’t gotten around to watching the anime series.  While I did plan on watching the series eventually, it wasn’t at the top of my list.  After watching the movie, however, I have decided to watch all three seasons of the series shortly.

Since the movie is an adaption of the series in which it retells the story of the first season, obviously there were a few parts that didn’t make it into the movie.  The movie really attracted me to the series.

Within the first 15 minutes, Nanoha went through her first transformation with Raising Heart.  As opposed to many other anime involving magical girls, the transformation sequence had a different tone to it: the sequence gave off a mechanical and technological feel as opposed to a purely magical feeling.  This added to the movie’s appeal and makes it stand out in the magical girl genre.

An aspect of the magical girl genre that Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha sticks to is the main character doesn’t want to fight her rival, Fate; however, Nanoha still finds it necessary to fight back against Fate, which leads to very explosive and action-oriented fight scenes.

The development of the plot was what really got me interested in the series.  The action scenes and background scenes  are spaced apart perfectly to create a well-balanced story without the audience getting too bored or too tense.  The movie also portrays Fate and Precia’s story excellently.  Some movies adapted from a series leave out information that can confuse one who hasn’t watched the series.  Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, however, includes all the necessary information so that even I could understand.

In the end, Nanoha and Fate start working together as expected.  The scene below is an example of the animation style of the movie.  Besides the intriguing plot, the flashy colors and the animation style truly makes the series stand out on its own in its genre.  While I normally refrain from watching most magical girl anime, this series draws me in for its effort to stand out from others in a unique way.

After all the fighting was over, Nanoha and Fate had to say goodbye, promising to meet again in the future.  Yes, I did cry.  It was sad!

This is my favorite movie that I’ve watched for Fun-Filled Film Fridays.  I really want to get it on Blu-Ray.  I do plan on watching all three seasons of the series.  I’ll probably make a post updating my thoughts on the series at a later date.

Anyways, since I watched a movie adapted from an anime series, I think that it would be a fun idea to watch a movie adapted from a video game.  I haven’t gotten any feedback on any of my posts, but I really want feedback on this one since it’ll really help me pick a good movie.  So does anyone have any suggestions for the next Fun-Filled Film Friday?


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