A Long Awaited Package!

It seemed like forever, but I finally received my Newtype Magazine!  I was taking a break from homework and I went to go check the mail.  So I opened the door and the package was set right in front of the door.  I picked up the package and ran to my room to take pictures.  Unfortunately, I had to go back outside in the cold to get my mail.

While my literacy skills are limited to hiragana and katakana, I still prefer buying Japanese anime magazines rather than American anime magazines.  American anime magazines lack the beauty of the text and picture layouts Japanese anime magazines have.  So as I flip through the pages, allow me to share some pictures I’ve taken.

The clear mini-posters are my favorite out of all the things that came with the magazine.  I just need to find a way to display them.

The posters included within the magazine were quite disappointing, however, because they were double-sided.  On top of that, most of the images were not fit to my tastes.  I will display all the sides though.

Here’s a random page.  One of my favorite anime series this season.


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